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Sydney Immigration Lawyer Pty Limited (ABN: 28 084 297 423 – ACN: 084 297 423) is located at Suite 2, number 18 Montgomery Street, Kogarah in New South Wales.

We are able to provide you with reliable, honest and accurate legal advice and assistance for all your migration matters.

To speak to one of our specialist immigration advisers, please contact us by telephone or by email to arrange for a consultation.

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Our Experience

We are professional, highly experienced and qualified lawyers in a range of fields. We have experience working with the Australian Department of Immigration & Citizenship and the United Nations in Asia.

More specifically, we have worked with the Migration and Refugee Review Tribunal (MRT-RRT) and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in the Department of Immigration.

We are specialised in immigration law. We are able to advise you and represent you before the Migration and Refugee Review Tribunals and Ministerial Intervention .

We are able to advise on visas for Business, Skilled migration, Spouse, Tourist, Bridging visas, Family Reunion, character matters, visa cancellations and a range of permanent and temporary visas. We can also provide assistance with obtaining police clearances, IELTS and health checks.

Additionally, with our experience working with the United Nations, we are also able to provide assistance to appeal a refugee or humanitarian refusal decision from the Court to the relevant United Nations Committee.

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What We Offer You

Immigration to Australia is a complex process for persons who do not know Australian immigration laws and procedures. In fact, Australian immigration law is the fastest changing area of law; often riddled with dead-ends for those who do not keep up-to-date with the changes.

Often applications that are being prepared for lodgement become obsolete due to the speed with which the law changes.

This is why we recommend that you meet with one of our Solicitors and Registered Migration Agents to be able to fully understand your visa pathway – or to know your rights and obligations prior to embarking on your immigration journey to Australia.

‘Quite often the visa applicants find themselves at a dead-end with no choice but to return back to their country of residence’, one of our immigration lawyers and registered migration agent explains, ‘and our advice is that you came to us too late’.

Immigration law is like a maze with hundreds of visa subclasses, each with their own specific criteria’, our immigration specialists explain, ‘that is why we often find that people have applied for the wrong visa subclass or that they have included the wrong supporting documentation and missed deadline or have gone through the wrong visa pathway with no choice to return to their home country or to restart all over again’.

That is why we recommend that prior to embarking on your immigration pathway you consult with one of our specialists so you would know exactly what to expect and that you would not face unexpected surprises half-way through your visa.

As explained earlier, there are hundreds of visas for which a person can apply for to enter and remain in Australia for the purposes of immigration to Australia. These visas are divided into 2 broad categories: Permanent Residence and Temporary Residence.

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What We Do

Our Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents in Sydney can provide immigration legal assistance and advice to people who currently reside in Australia and people living overseas who want to migrate to Australia and apply for a visa.

We are able to assist you in obtaining a temporary or permanent visa in Australia, assess your eligibility against visa criteria and provide you with visa options to stay in Australia.

We will also offer you our invaluable practical advice gained through experience in dealing with the Department in relation to your visa options and your visa application process.

Why use a migration agent?

We are able to lodge your application to the Department of Immigration as “decision ready”. This means that your application will be afforded “priority processing” time and this will substantially reduce the time you have to wait for your visa to be approved.

Type of Visas

A lawyer in our office is able to advise on visas for Business, Students, Skilled migration, Spouse or Partner, Tourist, Bridging visas, Family Reunion, Character and Cancellation, permanent and temporary visas and, refugee visas.

For more information about the type of visas we can assist with, please refer to our contact tab to speak to one of our Solicitors or Migration Agents.

Police Clearances

A lawyer or a Migration Agent in our office is able to advise you on and assist with obtaining your Australian and overseas police clearances. Certain visas require you to obtain your police clearances from the countries you have resided in during the past 10 years.

Medical Examinations

We are also able to assist you with your medical examinations and advise you on where to find the nearest approved health clinic or doctor. Health checks may be required as part of your application to enter Australia. Please contact us to inquire whether you will need to undertake a health examination before applying for your visa. Undertaking a health examination is an important step in being able to obtain an Australian visa, as the Department of Immigration and Citizenship requires certain countries to undertake extensive health examination to screen for diseases such as Tuberculosis.

MRT, RRT and AAT Appeals

If your visa application is refused or cancelled by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (Department of Immigration), our Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents can represent you on appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT), Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT), Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and request for Ministerial Intervention.


The Tribunals are independent bodies which provide an independent merits review of decisions made by the Department of Immigration in relation to visas to enter or remain in Australia or in relation to visa cancellations. Our solicitors can represent you before the Tribunal to appeal a decision by the Department of Immigration to refuse an application for business, family reunion, students, skilled visas, partner visas, visitors, and decisions to refuse sponsorship or to refuse a nominated position or business activity.

Our solicitors and migration agents can prepare and lodge your appeal the Tribunal or Immigration Minister within the time required by the Migration Regulations 1994, generally within 28 days of being refused your primary visa application by the Department of Immigration.

A Registered Migration Agent must be registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA).
It is illegal for someone to give migration advice if they are not registered with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Immigration agents or registered migration agents are bound by a Code of Conduct regulating their relationship with visa applicants. They must have an in-depth knowledge of Australian migration law and procedure.

Our Immigration Lawyers and Registered Migration Agents observe the highest standards of professionalism, ethical conduct and care in their dealings with clients because they understand the life changing decisions affecting migrants who apply for permanent residence and other visas.

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