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Bridging Visa

Bridging visas are granted to give persons legal status so that they are not illegal or unlawful in Australia. This visa is granted while you await the outcome of an application for another temporary or permanent visa in Australia. There are several types of bridging visas.

The general criteria for bridging visas require the applicant to show that:

  • Bridging visa A

This visa is for persons who make a visa application for a substantive visa.

  • Bridging visa B

This visa is for persons intending to travel overseas.

  • Bridging visa C

This visa is for persons who are unlawful non-citizens who have lodged a substantive visa application before the Department of Immigration has become aware of their unlawful status.

  • Bridging visa D

This visa is for persons who are or are about to become unlawful.

  • Bridging visa E

This visa is for unlawful non-citizens, persons who have lodged an application or a review application to a Tribunal or Court or made a request to the Minister for Immigration for intervention and for protection visa applications.

  • Bridging visa F

This visa is for persons who the Australian police have identified as being involved in sexual slavery or people trafficking.

  • Bridging visa R

This visa applies to persons who are in immigration detention whose removal from Australia is not practicable at any given time.

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