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Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601)

The Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) (subclass 601) lets you enter Australia as many times as you want for up to 12 months if you are:

  • a tourist
  • travelling for business purposes.

Please note that there are strict conditions attached to this visa and breach of these conditions may lead to the cancellation of the visa. We highly recommend that prior to making any plans to commence business in Australia on this visa to contact us for a consultation.

You can stay in Australia for up to three months on each visit.

The ETA is an electronically stored authority for travel to Australia. You must be outside Australia when you apply and when the ETA is granted.

An ETA is linked electronically to your passport. It can be seen by staff at airlines, travel agencies and Australian border agencies.

Only the citizens of a specified group of countries are eligible to apply for this visa. For a list of eligible countries please contact us through our contacts page.

Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400)

The Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400) is a temporary visa that lets you enter Australia to:

  • do short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work
  • participate in an event or events on a non-ongoing basis at the invitation of an Australian organisation.

You can usually stay in Australia for up to six weeks.

You must be outside Australia when you apply for this visa and when the visa is decided.

You must arrive in Australia within 3 months of the date the visa is granted.

Some useful information before you apply for this visa:

You can apply for this visa if you want to enter Australia to:

  • do short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work
  • participate in a cultural or social event at the invitation of an organisation in Australia.

To apply, you must be able to show that:

  • the work you want to do or your participation in the event is short term and non-ongoing (usually less than six weeks)
  • you need to be in Australia to do the work or participate in the activity
  • you have personal attributes or an employment background relevant to the work or activity
  • you have enough money to support yourself and your accompanying family members while you are in Australia
  • you have the support of the organisation for which you will be working or which invited you to Australia
  • you will not study a course in Australia that leads to a formal qualification
  • you meet health and character requirements.

Limitations on your work or other activity

Your work or activity must be non-ongoing. This means that you can finish it in three months or less. Do not make arrangements to stay in Australia any longer than that. You also should not agree to being rotated through a position on a short-term basis as one of a number of overseas workers. Instead, apply for a Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) if the work is ongoing, even if your contract is for less than three months.

You usually cannot work in the entertainment industry on this visa. There is more information in Working in the entertainment industry.

Your work or activity cannot have an adverse impact on the employment, training opportunities or conditions of employment in Australia.

Financial requirements

While you are in Australia, you must be able to support yourself and your family members who come with you to Australia. You may be asked to provide evidence of funds, such as employment contract, bank statements or a letter from your financial institution stating your financial position. Allowances, accommodation and other assistance from your employer can also be considered when looking at your ability to support yourself.

Course of study

You cannot study for any course that either:

  • leads to finishing a primary or secondary education program
  • leads to a degree, diploma, trade certificate or other formal award
  • could be credited towards or accepted as a prerequisite for a course of studies at a higher educational institution in or outside Australia. The only exception is a language training program.

You can apply for the Training and Research visa (subclass 402) if you want to do workplace-based training.

Working in the entertainment industry

You should not apply for a Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400) to:

  • perform as an entertainer in Australia or support an entertainer or group of entertainers performing in Australia
  • direct, produce or take any other part in a production that will be shown, broadcast or performed in Australia (including theatre, film, television, radio, concert or recording).

You can apply for the Temporary Work (Entertainment) visa (subclass 420) visa if you want to come to Australia to do these activities.

You can apply for a Temporary Work (Short Stay Activity) visa (subclass 400) to:

  • direct, produce or have any other role in a production that will not be shown in Australia (you will need to provide a distribution contract or other evidence to support this)
  • come to Australia for a promotional activity, for example:
    • an actor visiting Australia for a red carpet premiere
    • a rock band in Australia for a promotional tour but no performances.

Health requirements

You must meet certain health requirements. You may be asked to undergo a health examination, depending on your circumstances, your intended period of stay and your country of origin or residence. The results of your health examination are valid for 12 months. Do not arrange for a health examination unless the department asks you to.

This applies to you and any dependent family members listed in the application.

Health insurance

You are responsible for all your health costs while you are in Australia. You will not be covered by Australia’s national health scheme unless your country has a Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia.

It is recommended that you take out health insurance each time you travel to Australia.

Character requirements

You must meet certain character requirements. You must be prepared to provide a police certificate from each country you have lived in for 12 months or more during the past 10 years after you turned 16 years of age. Do not arrange for police certificates until the department asks you to.

This also applies to all dependent family members in your application who are older than 16 years of age.

Debts to the Australian Government

To enter Australia you must have no outstanding debts to the Australian Government or have arranged to repay any outstanding debts to the Australian Government.

Provide biometrics

You might be asked to provide biometrics (a scientific form of identification) as part of the application. Countries and visa subclasses included in the biometrics program has more information.

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